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Learning Concept Edu Global High School


  • Character Camp
  • Basic Leadership Training
  • Social Activities
  • Habituation of Congregational Prayer (Pembiasaan Shalat Berjamaah)
  • Routine Mentoring
  • Night of Bina Iman dan Taqwa (MABIT)
  • ESQ Training


  • National Plus Curriculum
  • Tahsin – Tahfizh
  • Science Practicum
  • Overseas Study
  • One Day Teacher
  • Special National Exam Preparation
  • Thematic Outdoor Sports
  • Field Trip
  • Conversation Class


  • Music Club
  • Art Club
  • Futsal Club
  • Basket Ball club
  • Archery Club
  • Perisai Diri Club
  • Students Mountaineering Club
  • Journalistic Club
  • Entrepreneur club
  • Theater club
  • English club
  •  Deutsch club

Academic Development Program

Academic Programs

Edu Global has a unique curriculum that covers the national standard of Indonesian education with the addition of learning time on subjects in the National Examination and the addition English language improvement program in the form of TOEIC / TOEFL as one of the important factors to enter higher levels abroad.

Learning Systems

Learning in Edu Global is carried out in small classes of 15 students per class so that the teacher is able to observe and accompany the learning process of each student intensively. Especially for high school students of science / social studies has been done since class 10 and the preparation of the National Examination is intensively conducted at least 1 year in the last year. For the preparation of the National Examination not only held by Edu Global Teachers but also in collaboration with educational institutions EDUCATION LABORATORY.

Project-Based Learning

The model of education in schools is not only done in theory, but our curriculum is objected so that each student can directly practice knowledge in their daily lives.

Overseas Study

The Foreign Language Learning Program abroad does not only aim at strengthening foreign language skills for each individual but also aims to introduce cultural, environmental and social issues that occur in other country. Learning time is done differently for each level of Edu Global education.

Information Systems

Information Systems play an important role in delivering information on the attainment of learning programs for each student from the school (teacher) to students and parents. This information system can be accessed directly through electronic devices or gadgets. This system allows each parent to immediately know the attendance, the value of both the academic and club activities as well as the specific notes of each student. It is expected that this system can facilitate parents to directly monitor student education.

Scoring Systems

Assessment in Edu Global involves 3 aspects, academic, talent (soft skill) and character where each value received by each student is directly inputted into the student information system so that parents can remotely monitor them in real time.

Teaching and Learning Process

The Teaching and Learning process in Global Edu is conducted every Monday-Friday in full day.

Character Development Program

Character Building

Our goal is to raise individuals who are intelligent, healthy and able to adapt to a dynamic environment. That’s why we realize the importance of instilling character education at every level of education.

Intensive Character Development Program

Coaching programs that must be followed by students from each level starting from basic learning about devotion, Pancasila Value, Integrity, Curiosity, initiative, persistence, adaptability, leadership and socio-cultural awareness. This program will be held several days both in the school environment and outside the school environment.


Our school strives to always be able to reach 100% of the learning needs of each student. Therefore, teachers provide guidance outside of school hours for students who need additions class for a particular reason or lack of interaction in their class.

Talent Development Program

Edu Global facilitates every student to develop interests and talents. Therefore, each student must choose at least 1 (one) club to be followed and will be assessed in each week.



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