Edu Global aiming to present a holistic concept of education, global perspective and technopreneurial oriented. We assured that the right education have to observe 3 pillars:
1. Cognitive
2. Talent
3. Character
Therefore Edu Global has a system of formation and evaluation with equal composition of each of these pillars.
We also put the formation forward of global insights which are realized with the target of Edu Global graduates who will be able to continue studying to a higher level both domestically and abroad.
With this, Edu Global is able to answer the challenges of the era of globalization that requires the young generation in Indonesia to take part not only domestically but also in the internationally. Hopefully all of Edu Global students become the main pillars of the Indonesian development. Greetings!


To become the leading education institution that nurtures graduates with character, nationally and internationally qualified and globally-minded.





  • 1Developing education systems that humanizing humans by respecting all aspects, including aspects of cognitive, character, and talent.
  • 2Generation with balance in cognitive character and broad-minded to compete in the globalization era.

  • 3Socializing the vision of well-balanced education, effective and adaptive to the current period.


1. Intensive Character Building Program
2. Basic Training Student Leadership
3. Habituation of Sholat Dhuha and Sholat Dzhuhur
4. Habituation Morning Tilawah
5. Monthly Islamic Forum Group Discussion
6. Monthly Mini Students’ Performance
7. Pesantren Kilat (Short-Term Islamic Boarding School or Crash Course)
8. Malam Bina Iman dan Taqwa (MABIT)


1. National Curriculum Plus
2. Mini Research
3. Overseas Study and Immersion Program
4. Embrace student to recite Tahsin and Tahfidz Al-Quran minimal 1 Juz
5. Science/Social Practicum
6. Field trip
7. Intensive UN and SBMPTN Preparation
8. UN and SBMPTN Try Out
9. Encourage every student to achieve Toefl score (550) or IELTS (5.5)
10. Art and Culture Students Show and Exhibition


* Tahsin & Tahfidz Club
* English Club
* Perisai Diri Club
* Robotics Club
* Futsal Club
* Archery Club
* Art Club
* Scouts

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